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Submission on Grove St development site

Grove St development plans

The Friends of the GreenWay group has lodged a submission calling for changes to a major residential unit development proposed at Grove St, Dulwich Hill  (plans to the left and photo of development site below). In particular, the Friends group has asked for a cycling and walking track to be built on the area of the development facing the light rail line. Our submission is below:

I am writing in regard to the plans for 6-26 Grove St on behalf of the Friends of the GreenWay Group. The Friends of the GreenWay is an apolitical  community group which has been fighting for the GreenWay vision since 2007, including for a 5km walking and cycling link between the Cooks River and Sydney  Harbour.

This is a major potential redevelopment within the GreenWay corridor.

The plans show a ‘green corridor’ along the northern edge of the development site, which is at times also described as a ‘GreenWay’. Consistent with the submission from the GreenWay Steering Committee, we believe this space should be set aside for bushcare and an active transport corridor. Currently, the plans show this area set aside for native landscaping planting with, as far as we can see, no mention of a cycling and walking pathway.

The Friends’ group believe this pathway could form part of a very useful 400m long cycling and walking link between Constitution Rd and Davis Rd. This development site would make up the majority of this link. After leaving this development site this pathway would probably have to veer into the rail corridor for a short distance (because private properties which are unlikely to be developed are adjacent to the rail corridor).

One of the major benefits of this 400m link is that it would relieve pressure from the existing pathway through Johnson Park, which is currently shown as the main GreenWay route and well-used by cyclists. The pathway through Johnson Park runs past a heavily used playground where toddlers and children play.

This link would also effectively join Johnson Park with Hoskins Park, in line with the GreenWay vision to better link green spaces. We think this development should be required to set aside and fund the required 3m pathway within its site. In the first instance, the link could run from Constitution Rd to Hill St, with a potential future connection to Hoskins Park if the pathway is allowed to run within the rail corridor.

It should also be noted that this proposal currently exceeds the floor space ratio requirements for the site, which raises concerns that it would have a damaging and overly bulky appearance on the GreenWay route. The developer’s offer of a new square under a voluntary planning agreement really would appear to be a glorified forecourt for this development site.

If a VPA was to be created, and if the proposal is approved despite exceeding planning controls, it would be preferable for this money to be allocated to a pathway as described in this submission.