Monthly Archives: October 2012

Marrickville stall a great success

Despite the government’s ongoing refusal to build the GreenWay, it seems the passion and support we’re receiving is going from strength to strength. People swarmed to our Marrickville Festival stand on Sunday, October 21, with people signing 270 form letters to the Transport Minister and another 48 people writing their own letters to the Premier.

Most people needed very little, or no, prodding to sign the letter and were very keen to approach the stall and talk about the GreenWay. The fact is that inner-westies and other Sydneysiders ‘get’ the GreenWay concept and just don’t understand why it isn’t being built.

Thanks to our volunteers Mark, Julia, Martina, Annabella, Jo, Karen, Lisa, Monica, Joanna and Graeme – they helped keep the stand going during a busy and hot day.

We released a new brochure on the day. We’re also released a new media release to the local papers which reported the GreenWay Sustainability Project’s survey which found that 92% of locals would use regularly use the GreenWay and 86% of people are concerned by its deferral.

In other GreenWay news, it’s good news that way-finding signs have been placed through the corridor. While it would be preferable to build a predominantly off-road cycling and walking track alongside the light rail line, the signs will help people move through the corridor on both on and off-road paths.

Please volunteer for our Marrickville Festival stall

If you’re going to come along to the Marrickville Festival on Sunday October 21, why not volunteer to help at our stall.

The festival runs from 11am-5pm. We’re looking for people to volunteer to help out for blocks of at least an hour.

To volunteer, please contact Jennifer on 0417044618 or and nominate a time. We’ll have materials to give out, membership forms for people to sign, and will be seeking for two people to be always on the stand at any time. To find out more about the festival, please click here