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Revealed: GreenWay actually dates back 60 years

The Friends of the GreenWay group has discovered that the inner-west GreenWay was an essential component of Sydney’s first long-term strategic plan released way back in the late 1940s.

The Friends group said the discovery further underlined the need to build the GreenWay.

It’s been widely thought that the GreenWay concept dated back to the early 2000s when local activists such as Bruce Ashley began campaigning for a green corridor along the Rozelle goods line.

The GreenWay is clearly shown on the scheme’s open space plan

In fact, the GreenWay is clearly shown as a regional greenspace corridor linking Iron Cove and the Cooks River on the 1948 Cumberland County Council planning scheme.

This shows it’s been part of the city’s long-term planning from the post-war period and puts more pressure on the government to complete its construction.

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