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Strathfield MP Charles Casuscelli shies from GreenWay funding

In a letter to Ashfield mayor Lyall Kennedy on April 11, available here, Strathfield Liberal MP Charles Casuscelli continues to run the party line about the GreenWay. The GreenWay runs through the electorate of Strathfield in the North Summer Hill area and many people signed letters to Mr Casuscelli at the Friends’ Ashfield Carnival of Cultures stall in March.  We’ll be continuing to seek Mr Casuscelli’s support for the GreenWay initiative.

A GreenWay supporter and doctor has written a letter in response to Mr Casuscelli and approved its publication on this website.


Submission to Active Transport Strategy

We’ve filed a submission to the Active Transport Strategy being developed by the GreenWay Sustainability Project. The GreenWay Sustainability Project is a NSW Government-funded team working at Ashfield Council to further the GreenWay vision (more information at

Our submission looks at some practical improvements which could be undertaken to meet the GreenWay vision, even if the NSW Government continues to refuse to fund the 5km cycling, walking and environmental corridor alongside the light rail line. This includes traffic safety and other improvements in an ‘out of corridor’ GreenWay.  Read the submission here.