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New volunteers day ride a big success

About 85 riders took part in the ‘New Volunteers Day’ ride between Sydney Harbour and the Cooks River on Sunday – signalling that the GreenWay campaign is going from strength to strength.

 “We are ecstatic about the turnout which underlines the strong community support for this initiative,” said Liz Locksley, convenor of the Friends of the GreenWay. “We’re very happy that we’ve gained some extra volunteers to take our campaign to the next step.”

 Nick Chapman, long-standing GreenWay advocate and current Ashfield citizen of year (pictured) told the riders about the rich history and key environmental features of the route. Read more in our media release

Petition Presented to Parliament

GreenWay Petition At Parliament

Local MPs and Mayors present our petition. Photo courtesy of

On Wednesday 15th February 2012 Friends of the GreenWay joined local Mayors and MPs representing the whole of the GreenWay catchment to present our petition to Save The GreenWay to the NSW Parliament. Watch the event video here.

Supporters of the GreenWay came from all across Sydney, representing many communities and voluntary groups – another demonstration of the way the GreenWay is already connecting people across Sydney.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, and a special thanks to those volunteers who went to dozens of local events over the past months collecting signatures.  The GreenWay is a true grassroots project!

Along with the many other supporters of the GreenWay were:

  • Carmel Tebbutt, MP for Marrickville
  • Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain
  • Linda Burney, MP for Canterbury
  • Charles Casuscelli, MP for Strathfield
  • Rochelle Porteous, Mayor of Leichhardt
  • Lyall Kennedy, Mayor of Ashfield
  • Morris Hanna, Mayor of Marrickville
  • Brian Robson, Mayor of Canterbury

Our local MPs will now present the petition to Transport Minister Gladys  Berejiklian, and the petition will be debated by Parliament on 31 May 2012.

We’re heading to Parliament

In a major step forward for our campaign, the GreenWay petition will be formally presented to local MPs at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday 15th February at 11am. Local Liberal, ALP and Green MPs have either been invited or will attend this presentation in what is truly a bi-partisan event.

Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, has also been invited, with of course anyone who supports the GreenWay also welcome to attend.  Now that more than 10,000 signatures have been collected on the petition, we are entitled to have the axing of the GreenWay debated at Parliament at a future date and we will keep you up to date about this.

Supporters of the GreenWay come from all across Sydney. The GreenWay connects people, places and communities regionally as well as locally. Thank you to everyone for supporting the GreenWay. The GreenWay started as is a grassroots project and continues be so!