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The GreenWay Festival and Friends of the GreenWay

The full program for the GreenWay Festival (23-29 October) has been released at The GreenWay Festival is organised by the GreenWay Sustainability Project which is based in Ashfield Council and is funded via a $1.8 million NSW Government Environmental Trust grant.

The clear focus of the GreenWay Festival is to promote and encourage community participation in the GreenWay. The Friends of the GreenWay thanks the festival organisers for their hard work and encourages everyone to take part in the festival.

The Friends of the GreenWay is proposing to work with Marrickville Council to have a community day of action on 29 October at Johnson Park alongside the festival, following the recent NSW Government budget cut decision. We’ll post more details of this event shortly.

Inner West Mayors to Meet Minister

The Mayors of inner west councils are meeting the Minister for Transport on 11th October, seeking more information on the future of the GreenWay, and to ask the minister to restore the funding cut in this month’s budget.

The Mayors of Marrickville, Leichhardt, Ashfield and Canterbury have already condemned the decision to cut GreenWay funding and expressed their dismay at the State Government’s unwillingness to build this vital part of Sydney’s bicycle infrastructure.

How Can You Help?

  • Send an email or letter to the Minister and Premier telling them how you feel about the funding cut.
  • Check out the Greenway festival brochure – show your support by heading to one of the events in the festival, and encourage your friends to go along too! The festival runs from 23rd to 29th October – more details at
  • Copies of the Save The GreenWay flyer are now ready to be letterboxed. Let us know if you can help with this.

Media Digest

Reaction to the decision to cut funding for the GreenWay in last weeks budget continues to make news:

Penny Sharpe

Penny Sharpe

Politicians also continue to register their support for the GreenWay project. In the upper house Penny Sharpe has called on the government to “Build it now!”

… and another upper house MP, Cate Faehrmann, has said it is “madness not to build the Greenway in conjunction with the light rail extension”.

Also – Simon Morris of has put together this short video about the ride he makes from Canterbury to Pyrmont each day, and how the GreenWay would make his commute safer and easier!

The Cooks River Valley Times put the budget decision on the front page, and the Inner West Courier has also reported the decision.

GreenWay on Deb Cameron

Transport minister Gladys Berejiklian was interviewed yesterday on ABC 702 by Deborah Cameron. The minister tries to explain why funding for the GreenWay was cut from this week’s budget, and how the government can be serious about active transport after halting work on a project with more than 10 years planning behind it.

As Deb Cameron says – the GreenWay project is a “no brainer” – so why was the funding cut?

Are you convinced by the minister’s explanations? (6mb download)

ABC Radio 702

GreenWay TV

The Friends have started a YouTube channel to help our government understand all the benefits that the GreenWay will bring.

As well as introducing the GreenWay, and some more footage from “I ♥ the GreenWay”, you can also see some before and after footage of some of our bushcare sites, showing what has already been achieved on the GreenWay.

You can also see a video of local Liberal MP Charles Casuscelli speaking at the GreenWay day of Action on 28th August.