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GreenWay featured in SMH

Sydney Morning Herald

If you missed the “I ♥ The GreenWay” event yesterday, catch up with the report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The Herald report estimates more than 200 people took part in yesterday’s event, and quotes long-time Friend of the GreenWay Bruce Ashley and event organiser Gilbert Grace of ARTcycle (thanks Gilbert!)

Both Bruce and Gilbert stressed the cost effectiveness of building cyclways, and the benefits everyone in the community will see if the GreenWay is built.

Look out for more GreenWay photos coming to this site soon!

We ♥ The GreenWay!

More photos of today’s event.

I ♥ The GreenWay at Wilga Avenue

I ♥ The GreenWay at Wilga Avenue

More than 130 cyclists took part in the ARTcycle “I ♥ The GreenWay” ride this afternoon, with riders of all ages and abilities taking part and exploring the area around the GreenWay, from Dulwich Hill to Iron Cove.

The cyclists gathered at Wilga Avenue in Dulwich Hill at 1pm. Before the ride started, Wilga Avenue resident Geoff Martin showed how he and his neighbours have made their street a greener and more sustainable place to live – even winning a prize in the “Sustainability Drive” competition.

The cyclists made it all the way to the top of the GreenWay near Iron Cove, with some stopping at Cafe Bones for refeshment on a very warm winters day!

Bruce Ashley and Charles Casuscelli MP

Friends' member Bruce Ashley talks with MP Charles Casuscelli

The ride ended at Cadigal Reserve in Summer Hill, where riders joined other friends of the GreenWay to hear Friends’ member Bruce Ashley speak on the importance of building the GreenWay as an integrated project.

Bruce was joined by GreenWay supporters from all sides of politics, including state MPs Jamie Parker and Charles Causcelli, and local councillors Alex Lofts and Fiona Byrne.

Ashfield Council Joins Campaign

Ted Cassidy

Ted Cassidy

Ashfield Mayor Ted Cassidy lent support this week to the GreenWay camapaign, issuing a Mayoral minute supporting Friends of the GreenWay and other groups fighting to save the GreenWay.

1/5 Joins with the Greenway Councils and community groups including Greenway Steering Committee, Friends of the Greenway and Inner West Environment Group to coordinate community action in support of the GreenWay through a community ride on 28 August 2011, and rally in support of the Greenway, with the rally location and date agreed amongst the participating Councils and groups;
2/5 Sets aside support of up to $3000 in kind and that funding be controlled by the General Manager and the Mayor, go towards GreenWay campaign events and activities
3/5 Advertises the campaign events, including community ride and rally, through the usual community correspondence such as the Mayoral columns, e-newsletter and on Council’s website; and
4/5 Endorses the Mayor in concert with local Mayors, Councillors and MPs attending the rally to show their support for the Greenway.
An Amendment was moved by Councillor Lofts and seconded by the Mover, Mayor Cassidy
5/5 That Council endorse the GreenWay petition, as is being distributed by Inner West community, environmental and cycle groups (formulated by The Hon Linda Burney MP and The Hon Carmel Tebbutt MP) to be presented to parliament.

The GreenWay on 702 Again!

Fiona Byrne

Fiona Byrne

The GreenWay was on ABC radio 702 again this week – Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne told Adam Spencer about her concerns that funding for the project would be cut from the budget, due in ten days.

Fiona and Adam also discussed some of the many benefits the GreenWay will bring to our communities – listen to the full interview(9mb, five minutes).

The Inner West Courier also ran another story on the threat to the GreenWay this week, featuring the organiser of tomorrow’s Artcycle ride, Gilbert Grace.