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Key Issues for the State Election – Candidates Views

We have sent the following letter Key issues state election 2011-1_Generic to Labor, Liberal and Greens candidates for the seats of Balmain, Marrickville and Canterbury. It is asking for their response on the key issues that we see for the GreenWay – environmental, safety, active transport and viable connections and the process for resolution of issues. Responses will be posted here.

Response from Marc Rerceretnam, Greens candidate for Canterbury:

“I read your statement and I support all points”

Response from Fiona Byrne, Greens candidate for Marrickville:

1. I support a bush care and biodiversity establishment plan for the
Greenway. I also support offsetting damage to existing bush care
sites. I note that Marrickville Council is currently preparing a
Biodiversity Plan that encompasses the Greenway and I am hopeful this
will provide some further guidelines and assurance that the Greenway
will have its biodiversity realised. I further note that recently
constructed public amenity infrastructure along the Cooks River has
resulted in the naturalisation of the river banks and improved the
biodiversity of these areas, most notably at Steel Park, Gough Whitlam
Park and Kendrick Reserve. If elected I’ll work to ensure these
positive examples are followed in the Greenway.

Clearly, any leases that relate to Rail Corp Land would need to be
respected. However, if and when any such leases expire I would push to
have this land incorporated into the Greenway. Further, any lands that
have been encroached upon should be returned to the corridor at a time
when integration into the Greenway can be facilitated.

2. I agree that the widening of the Wardell Rd Bridge to facilitate a
safer pedestrian/cycle crossing on its upstream side is important and
I will work for this if I am elected. I recently supported this
proposition as part of council’s Greenway submission to Transport NSW.
I anticipate that when the pedestrian/cycle way in the corridor is
completed it will be so successful that it will force upgrades along
the length of the current network.

As you may know The Greens on Marrickville Council have initiated a
campaign to get better pedestrian/cycle access across the Cooks River
at Unwins Bridge. We are extremely mindful that all levels of
government should provide infrastructure to support the growth in non
motorised transport.

3. I completely support a cycling bridge over Marion St and will work
to achieve this if elected. I have always thought that the
pedestrian/cycleway should be off-road and its integrity maintained by
having it wholly within the corridor.

4. While this is further out of my area I am familiar with the idea of
a “veloway” that connects the Cooks River paths and the Greenway
corridor with the City. This is a great vision. You have outlined a
schema that may be viable. If elected I would work to have this or a
similar proposal implemented. Of course, my support would be dependent
on the actual viability of such a scheme but I would certainly
champion investigations that explored how this link could be built.
Like you I remain confident it can be done.

5. Organised community pressure, with a bit of luck and the right
circumstances, can be a major force for change. It can also be a well
spring of great ideas. I think the very fact that light rail and the
Greenway are under construction is proof of that. I certainly think
the community and should be involved in a steering committee. To date
a number of local councils have been involved in a Steering Committee
and I think in general their input has ensured that the project has
proceeded as far as it has. I would be hopeful that with even deeper
community involvement some of the issues you have brought up could be
improved upon to the betterment of the local area a Sydney as a whole.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Byrne.