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Integrated GreenWay Plan Released

GreenWay Concepts Plan

The Integrated Concepts Plan covers every part of the GreenWay site, from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.

The latest version of the GreenWay Integrated Concepts plan is now available! The Plan was developed by Friends, as suggestions to get the detail rolling, and follows the Coordination Strategy vision from 2009, and takes into account opportunities presented by the Metropolitan Transport Plan.

The four page plan shows street-by-street how paths and bush care sites can be placed alongside the two light rail tracks. It also shows suggested sites for light rail stations.

Download the GreenWay Concepts Plan (a 1.8mb pdf file) and take a look at what can be done in your surburb – than ask your MP if they support the ideas, using our Actions Page!

Update 6/5: After workshops hosted by Ashfield Council there is a consensus plan similar to the Friends plan that has been agreed to by stakeholders – councils and community groups.  The plan linked above is a draft plan prepared by Friends of the GreenWay – the final, consensus plan will be posted when it is available.  A delegation of local Mayors and council officers have met with the Transport Minister to discuss integration of the GreenWay with light rail construction and the consensus plan will be formally presented to NSW Transport and Infrastructure shortly.

Friends go to Macquarie Street

The Thursday before last, Friends Committee members Bruce, Jud and Greg met with key State Govt advisors in Macquarie St to discuss the GreenWay and the light rail project. Present were the advisors for the Premier, Transport Minister, local members and the Project Manager for the light rail construction.

We explained the GreenWay concept, showing how light rail, the cycleway/walkway and the bushcare sites can all work together to enhance the GreenWay corridor and catchment.  Problem sites such as the Parramatta Rd crossing (Battle Br) and the squeeze points in the corridor south of Davis St Dulwich Hill were detailed. We emphasised the importance of grade separated crossings for the busy roads and the extent of the bushcare sites already established and potential impacts on the sites for different trail options.

There was a commitment to continue consultation with Friends during the planning process for light rail and our plans for the best location of the trail, station locations and bushcare sites were asked for. However, we were told that the construction is to a very tight timetable and that the plan is to build dual track light rail. We would have liked for a number of options for the corridor configuration to be considered and the best option chosen based on usage studies but it seems this will not happen.

However, there is a real chance of getting the trail and bushcare elements of the GreenWay approved, funded and built as part of the light rail construction. Of course we need to continue to show the amount of support for this so please go the Take Action page and send a message.

Forum Reminds MPs About The GreenWay!

Last night’s Community forum on the light rail was well attended, with many local residents wanting to know about the future of the GreenWay. The forum was chaired by Carmel Tebbutt MP with Linda Burney MP also in attendance.

A representative from NSW Transport emphasised the two track plan – he acknowledged community demand for an adjacent walking track and cycleway, but only said it would be “considered”.

Before work on the light rail begins, there are concept, design and scope steps, where the local community can influence the plans. This is followed by an Environmental assessment period and finally delivery. At the meeting it was announced that work is expected to start on the rail line end before the end of this year: so there is still time for GreenWay input!

Friends of the GreenWay committee members Bruce and Deirdre were amongst those who asked questions. Bruce was applauded when he expressed concern that the light rail decision was made with no reference to the GreenWay Masterplan endorsed by all four local councils. Deirdre was also supported by the audience for her comment about the beauty of the bush care sites that have been established by IWEG and GreenWay supporters, and the need for these sites to be protected. Deirdre also emphasised the need for imagination when planning/building the light rail.

There is still time to send a message about the GreenWay to our MPs. Use our Actions Page to send an email to Carmel Tebbutt, Linda Burney, Verity Firth, or The Premier.

Light Rail Community Forum

The NSW Government is holding a community forum on the light rail extension this Wednesday 14 April. There will be a representative of NSW Transport present to brief on the project and answer questions.

If you can make it, please attend. This is a great opportunity to add to our campaign to raise the profile of the GreenWay and demonstrate the level of community support. The campaign is progressing well and the Transport Ministry (amongst others) are now aware of the project. We now need to build on this to show the amount of support to get the GreenWay built with the light rail extension.

Community Consultation Forum on Light Rail Extension
6 pm Wednesday 14 April
Dulwich Hill High School of Performing Arts and Design
Seaview St Dulwich Hill

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